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Variable Spacer Truss
08.03.2013 I 16:20

New: Variable Spacer

Always find the right distance with variable spacers (male) of Naxpro Truss!


The Naxpro Truss Spacer range FD31-HD44 has a new addition: With the help of the new variable spacer it is easy to create custom designed truss structures in a simple and inexpensive way.


The special feature of the variable spacers is the adjustable distance ranging from 120 mm to 170 mm.


Through an extra strong M24 thread, the variable spacers can also be used in demanding constructions.

Levelling Foots Truss
Levelling Foots Truss
26.02.2013 I 09:28

New: Levelling Foots

Always on one level!


With the new Naxpro Truss Levelling Foots it is easy and practical to level your truss constructions even on uneven undergrounds.


Always find a matching solution with elements from the original Naxpro Truss accessories.

Naxpro Truss Black Label
Naxpro Truss Black Label
Naxpro Truss Black Label
11.01.2013 I 10:11

Naxpro Truss BLACK LABEL

In the TV and Gala area as well as on exhibitions, truss structures that are unobtrusive and do not cause reflections are crucial. With the new Naxpro Truss Black Label range you will be well equipped for these purposes.


Now you can get all the FD33 and FD34 systems in black!


01.12.2012 I 14:09

Naxpro-Truss keeps you fit!

Flexitrain uses Naxpro Truss in the production of their training equipment!


Whether suspension training, 4D PRO ReAction trainer, TRX, Indoor Slack Lining, Therapy Master, Box training, Pull-ups, MonkeyBar, Power Roop, Jump and Pull, Resistance Bands, Exercise Ropes, Barbells or Weights, with Flexitrain you can get through individual consultation and planning a tailor-made training device. Naxpro Truss ensures continuously at high loads the necessary stability and security!


More informations on www.Flexitrain.de

Naxpro Truss catalog
20.08.2012 I 10:33

The new catalog is here!

Our brand new Naxpro truss catalog has arrived fresh off the press!


He offers over 80 pages with an overview of all types of Naxpro Truss trusses and Naxpro Truss rigging accessories.

You can order your own copy here for free.