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FD24 Truss
03.04.2014 I 11:34

Naxpro-Truss FD24 gets sturdier!

From now on all trusses of 50-400 cm are reinforced with an additional end diagonal. It provides even more stability and durability.

The FD24 truss system is often used because of its low carrier tube diameter of only 35 mm in the event technology, trade fair and shop design. Although the dimensions are very small, it leaves enough room for lighting technology and advertising.

12.08.2013 I 18:28

HD-Boxcorners are becoming standard!

As the first truss manufacturer Naxpro-Truss offers HD-Boxcorners with double diagonals from stock.

... and therefore serves the wishes of many customers for even more demanding and spectacular constructions made of aluminum girder systems.
Boxcorners with a double diagonal achieve a much higher load-bearing capacity in comparison to traditional Boxcorners – the best prerequisite for top class truss structures. Adapters, Boxcorners and 2 point Boxcorners, from  FD21 to HD44, offer you a solid and extremely strong foundation In the future, for high quality rig structures of all kinds.
Naxpro-Truss – always a step ahead.

Riggatec rigging accessories
23.05.2013 I 12:51

First class rigging accessories!

Naxpro-Truss adds the professional rigging accessories from Riggatec to the assortment!

Now you get everything at Naxpro Truss from one source: High-quality aluminum trusses, combined with first-class accessories such as clamps, double clamps and safety ropes as well as various lifting gears such as shackles, eye nuts and chain links.

Variable Spacer Truss
08.03.2013 I 16:20

New: Variable Spacer

Always find the right distance with variable spacers (male) of Naxpro Truss!


The Naxpro Truss Spacer range FD31-HD44 has a new addition: With the help of the new variable spacer it is easy to create custom designed truss structures in a simple and inexpensive way.


The special feature of the variable spacers is the adjustable distance ranging from 120 mm to 170 mm.


Through an extra strong M24 thread, the variable spacers can also be used in demanding constructions.

Levelling Foots Truss
Levelling Foots Truss
26.02.2013 I 09:28

New: Levelling Foots

Always on one level!


With the new Naxpro Truss Levelling Foots it is easy and practical to level your truss constructions even on uneven undergrounds.


Always find a matching solution with elements from the original Naxpro Truss accessories.