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Customer review

Customer review

S&H Veranstaltungsservice
11.07.2014 I 10:53

H. Prawatke, S&H Veranstaltungsservice

»As we were searching for a truss system we were faced with a number of challenges: to find a truss system which has the dimensions of 9m x 6m x 2.5m, has an acceptable weight, does not appear dominant and forms the basis for our lighting and sound concept.
After a very friendly and knowledgeable advice, in which attention was paid to stability in addition to the aesthetic component, we have opted for the Naxpro-Truss FD 32 system.
For our multimedia concept, we needed a stable and at the same time less flashy system, which should take up our monitors and simultaneously offers the possibility to cover all cables. For this case we have opted for the FD14 system of Naxpro-Truss.
Both systems add value to our race track. At the premiere, we got a lot of encouragement for our new track design from our customers!«